Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy this beautiful weather by being at the beach enjoying the ocean the best way we can.. Now is the time to learn the activity you have always wanted to be a part of.

I will teach you the skills you need to make it out in the water fast. From the knowledge and skills you need, in and out of the water to help you excel not only in surf, but in life as well..

Things you will learn:

• Knowledge and Skills in the Water
• Proper Techniques

• Water Etiquette
• Proper Warm Up and Stretch/ Yoga
• Ocean Knowledge
• Proper Paddling, positioning, and pop up
• Safety, Dangers, and how to Remain Calm…
   Plus a whole lot more!!

Training Out of the Water
Yoga, Strength, Flexibility, Core Strength, Shoulder Strength, Leg and Glut Strength, Cardio, and Breath-work… This is to train the body to be stronger, more agile, paddle faster, pop up quicker, and refrain from injury… Ultimately getting you to surf great along side the pack with confidence…

Strengthening Diet:

• Food Combinations
• Muscle Building
• Foods to Eat Before and After Your Surf Session…

This is to help you maximize your knowledge when choosing what to eat. I’ve been into health and wellness my whole life. So, if there is anything you need to know. Just ask…

 I want you to have a fun, fulfilling, enlightening experience that gets you hooked to the greatest activity on the planet. Feel better, look better, live better. Surfing has the ability to make this a reality, and you get to have a lot of fun as well…

CALL FOR RATES: 7 6 0 .  2 7 4 .  7 5 0 4